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Healthcare Law

Only a handful of industries have as much regulation as does the health care industry. Health care providers, aside from being held to an extremely high level of competence, duty and obligation, must also navigate through very complex and constantly changing regulations concerning such things as confidentiality, notification requirements, billing, fraud and much more. Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky provides legal assistance to health care providers by assisting them and advising on convoluted and ever-changing federal and state health care laws.

Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky will assist providers with structuring their transactions in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations. The firm will provide individualized corporate compliance programs for healthcare providers based on its size and nature of their services to minimize and eliminate the risk of potential violations of state and/or federal laws and regulations. We advise our clients on how to accomplish their business objectives within the parameters set by federal and state governments. The firm is often called upon to advise on the issues of Stark-Law, Anti-Kickback Statutes and reimbursement implications of existing and proposed arrangements between healthcare companies and physicians. Some of the services that we provide to our clients include advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Joint Ventures among providers with physicians
  • Ancillary Provider Agreement
  • Prepare new agreement
  • Perform legal audits of existing contracts and financial relationships
  • Contract Negotiation, contract enforcement and litigation
  • Business formation, corporate law and entity selection
  • Business and corporate transactions
  • Compliance with State Anti-Kickback laws, Federal Anti-Kickback Act and Stark Law
  • Compliance with HIPPA security and privacy requirements
  • Facility Licensing
  • Affiliation and network agreements

If you are a physicians or a health care provider, please contact Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky prior to entering into any business contracts and/or arrangements in order to avoid unnecessary legal problems. Our office will work closely with you to ensure that you, your business and/or practice are safeguarded against any potential legal proceedings.

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