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The Law Offices of Alice Antonovsky, PLLC takes pride in helping its clients legalize their status in the United States, apply for the right kind of visa and keep their families together through the most suitable application method.
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Alice Antonovsky

• L visas processing assistance
• Adjustment of Status
• Family-Based Immigration
• Citizenship and Naturalization
• Waivers
• Employment-Based Permanent Residency
• Family Reunification
• Special Programs and Treaties
• Political Asylum

Key Facts About L-Visas
  • Applicants must fill Form I-129 and submit it to USCIS along with supporting documentation showing that both the US company and the foreign parent, subsidiary, affiliate or branch meet the eligibility requirements to proceed with the application.
  • L-1 visas allow you to stay in the US for a minimum of one year up to 7 years. For the L1 and L1B, the maximum period of stay is 5 years; and for the L-1A is 7 years. Applicants may need to apply for a renewal before their current visa expires to avoid complications.
  • The “Blanket petition program” is designed for businesses that are frequent users of L-1 visa. Under this program, the petitioner must obtain approval from USCIS and attach the blanket approval when filing the I-129 Form. Once the Blanket is approved, the company may transfer various employees to the U.S. without filling individual applications.
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3 Things
You Need to Know about
You can’t use your original L-visa to work for another company; however, you can change jobs or transfer within the company that sponsored you.

The L-1 visa holder can apply/span> for a Green Card and become a United States permanent resident.

To apply for any of the three/span> L-visa categories, you need to have a qualifying relationship with a US company through a parent branch, affiliate or subsidiary.

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Client Reviews
Michelle Holland
Michelle Holland
24. April, 2021.
I called desperately needing help finding the A-Number for a lost green card. Lital answered the telephone and quickly helped to resolve this problem. I was able to immediately complete the I-90 application. I will now refer all my immigrant friends to this law office!!! Thank you Lital!!!
Mircea Ghinda
Mircea Ghinda
9. December, 2020.
Alice is the best immigration lawyer I know. She managed my case very well and she kept me updated on my status all the time, that showed that in her office work only professional and skilled people. Alice and her team was constantly calling immigration to see if the case is moving as it should without any issues. I highly recommend others using this lawyer for their immigration needs.
Anthony Shepherd
Anthony Shepherd
4. August, 2020.
My Wife and I are absolutely pleased with Alice and her crew! We had only a marriage based application but Alice took it to the next level. She explained everything from the beginning to the final. She’s very knowledgeable , friendly and helpful. The whole office crew are helpful. Whoever is looking for a top immigration attorney, look no further! Prices are also reasonable. ?
Galyna Sas
Galyna Sas
28. July, 2020.
Alisa Antonovsky The most professional immigration lawyer that I know! Highly recommend. Easy answered on my question and gave me a properly direction with my case. Thanks a lot. She tries to understand the case in depth and listens carefully. Her advice is very much careful. Thanks for Everything thing you done for me! I will definitely recommend Alisa Antonovsky to my friends.
manuchehr saidov
manuchehr saidov
13. November, 2019.
Alice Antonovsky is extremely knowledgeable, professional and outstanding immigration attorney.Highly recommended!!!
Hamza12 Haider12
Hamza12 Haider12
17. October, 2019.
Brilliant lawyer worth it
Brianna K
Brianna K
16. August, 2019.
I reached out to Alice because I needed help with my green card application process. She was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Her staff was easy to communicate with and friendly as well. All of my questions were answered right away, everything was handled on time. Alice was very helpful at preparing me for the interview, accompanied me and made me feel calm. I'd highly recommend her services!

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