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Ask Our Experienced Lawyers about the New Immigration Law
A potential immigration reform has become a popular conversation topic among Americans. As an immigrant, you should seek for the most accurate information that only professionals can provide. Contact our experienced team at 1-718-924-2896 to analyze the best visa option you should be applying for.

Expectations for a new immigration law include further opportunities for recent graduates and illegal immigrants with no criminal records. However, as a resolution is yet to come, it is recommended that anyone in need of solving their immigration status contacts a qualified lawyer. Our team offers confidential consultations and custom advice to all individuals.

Immigration Law Services We Provide

  • Free and confidential consultation,
  • Objective assessment,
  • Deportation and,
  • Removal Defense,
  • Political Asylum,
  • Family based Immigration,
  • Employment-Based Green Cards,
  • Temporary Work Visas
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