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Immigration Raids Targeting Undocumented Immigrants

Immigration Raids Targeting Undocumented Immigrants

The new executive orders issued by President Trump may be confusing and very upsetting to some of you. This is a time of uncertainty and panic for undocumented immigrants living in the United States. Now it is more important than ever to speak to an immigration attorney if you are living here with no lawful status.

By now you have probably heard that there are immigration raids underway around the country. Although these raids target mostly those undocumented individuals who have a criminal record, it is possible for someone with no criminal record to come under fire during these raids.


What if Immigration Agents Knock on my Door?

It is very important to know how to act if immigration knocks on your door. It is important to know that you DO NOT have to open the door UNLESS they have a signed order form the JUDGE allowing them to enter. Talk to them through the door. If you do not speak English, you can demand they provide you with an interpreter.

You can also ask them to leave whatever documents they have for you by the door. If they did enter your house, DO NOT sign anything, DO NOT say anything. Stay calm and make sure you have a name and a phone number of an attorney you trust who you or your family can call and who will be able to help you.



The Importance of Having Legal Immigration Status

The people who are most at risk are those who have no lawful status in this country and who have no cases pending with immigration. However, if you do have a case pending with immigration, you are least likely to be targeted by those raids.

That is why it is now more important than ever to speak to an attorney who can go over your options and perhaps file a case on your behalf that you may be eligible for. That way, if someone does knock on your door, you will have a receipt from immigration to show them that your case is pending and they should leave you alone.


Available Status Legalization Programs

Often people think that they have no options when in fact that is not true. There are many programs that are available to people who are presently in unlawful status. Some of these programs include:

  • Benefits for children who are under 21
  • Victims of persecution
  • Victims of domestic violence in America by a permanent resident or a US citizen
  • Victims of domestic violence in your own country
  • Persons who have immediate relatives in the US who are either green card holders or citizens
  • Waivers for unlawful entry and unlawful presence

These are just a few of the programs available. We have helped hundreds of people just like you, those who were afraid, those who lived here for years with no documents and now they have green cards!

If you have questions, please visit our website www.aantlaw.com, email us at alice@aantlaw.com or call our office at 7189242896 and we will be happy to speak to you and discuss your options. You can also follow us on Facebook where we constantly keep you updated with the most current information.

This is not the time to be AFRAID, this is the TIME TO ACT, the time to get information, and the time to protect yourself from immigration raids!


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